The Wee Monster Team:

Wee Monster is a team of two sisters, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Jakki, our creative director, has been a designer in the fashion industry for over a decade. As a mommy, she found inspiration in her kids. Connie, our business director, has been in the writing, marketing and teaching industries. Wee Monster became more than brand, it became a lifestyle where Connie and Jakki can share their creative juices with the world.

Our Philosophy:

Wee Monster is a kids wear brand with a spunky spin on it. Rather than fuss around with flowers and sparkles or the traditional blues and pinks — The mantra behind Wee Monster is about celebrating the idea: “Kids should be kids.”
It’s a living, breathing and walking lifestyle. In each collection, we combine simple and edgy designs with high-quality fabrics. We love to spend that little extra for soft fabric, because we think it’s extremely worthwhile! Comfortable enough for kids to play tag or go down a slide. Every piece is created with love. The whole purpose is to combine both classic and basic simple wear with the latest trends and styles.


Wee Monster is in stores from San Diego, California to the United Kingdom and Toronto, Canada. We pinch ourselves daily, because this journey has been so surreal. Everything has been such a blur and a blessing. Things are pretty insane on a day-to-day basis, but we love every bit of it!

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